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Hi! I’m Divya!
At The Bark Klub we specialize in at-home custom training programs that build a strong foundation for you and your dog to take your relationship to its full potential


I have always loved dogs. After a stint in the corporate sector I spent time volunteering with dog rescue organizations. I then decided I wanted to be a professional dog trainer not only to maximize my own relationship with my dogs but to also help others have a more rewarding bond with their dogs. I was lucky to train with and learn from one of the best -  Scott Nordgren, head trainer at the Pet Athletic Club in Cincinnati, USA. The Bark Klub was first established in Cincinnati in 2016. After a personal move brought me to Singapore, The Bark Klub now offers training programs in Singapore. My dream is to someday contribute to wildlife conservancy efforts with working dogs. But it is also my passion to help you and your canine companion build a great relationship!    




This is exclusively for puppies in the age group 8 weeks to 6 months. This program is designed as a stepping stone for puppy development. Before we build on obedience and set our expectations as a pack, we need to pave our way to a stage where they understand what it means to be a part of the pack. These initial days are extremely important and even more so on what they perceive and are exposed to. These lessons will be held in your premises.


This program pathway has a free consult and 8 private lessons where you will be guided how to train your dog with obedience and tricks which will be used in your everyday living. This program offers a certain level of customization based on your individual requirement. These lessons will be held in your premises.


Every dog needs a home. Every rescue needs a second chance to live with loving people. A lot of them need help in settling back because they don't know how. This program is designed to address a range of issues like aggression, complete shutdown, anxiety, barking and biting etc. We need to constantly remind ourselves that all the issues we face are symptoms of an underlying issue which can be fixed. These lessons will be held in your premises.




"The Bark Klub was an absolute blast! We had just moved back to Singapore and Nugget was more hyper and anxious than usual. After a trying month, we got Divya to help us put some structure into place. Nugget is now calmer and equipped to handle situations. We went to a friends place recently where he won over their hearts as he was well behaved! Divya also taught us some tricks which we have been trying to teach Nugget, it was a very fruitful series of training and we highly recommend The Bark Klub!"


— Joyce Ouyang, Singapore

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